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AuctionDesq is bringing intelligence to online auctions.

 AuctionDesq Features

1) No upfront costs. No fees for setup, training, listing or hosting. 

2) Comprehensive bidding history, statistics and audit trails. Access to this data provides the organisation with marketing research and insights. 

3) Bidder authentication to prevent fraudulent and false bidders, which is often only managed via reputation in other bidding services (eg buyer rating in eBay). 

4) Auction proceeds can be nominated to a chosen charity. 

5) Multiple payment options including credit cards, cash or direct bank transfer, providing flexibility to the bidder and removing any potential purchase barriers. 

AuctionDesq Features
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To request more information regarding IMG STG's online auction platform, AuctionDesq, please click here and contact our Account Services team. 

Alternatively, if you have a technology related question, please go to our HelpDesq by clicking here.


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 About AuctionDesq

Preserving hallmark sporting moments through the sale of timeless memorabilia, one-off merchandise and exclusive experiences, AuctionDesq is an industry leading cloud-based auction platform specifically designed for the sports market.

Unlike other auction sites, AuctionDesq puts you in charge of the way your auction is run and integrates it through your own club website.

With a polished front-end interface, intelligent user functionality, global reach and seamless integration into our suite of management products, IMG STG's online auction platform will help you turn iconic sporting moments into revenue for your club or charity and add genuine value to your sport.

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 AuctionDesq Case Studies


"IMG STG's auction platform is ideal for Chelsea's auction needs, as it's a system that attracts legitimate buyers and all auction proceeds go towards our charity; the Chelsea Foundation."
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Hawthorn AFL

There was a 31% increase in products sold between 2012 and 2013.
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Hawthorn AFL
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