Established in 2004, IMG Sports Technology Group is an industry leader in online sports management solutions. Working in partnership with the IMG global sporting network, IMG Sports Technology Group provides advanced sports management solutions, administration and engagement software, ensuring growth and sustainability for sports around the world. With a fully integrated suite of modules including membership management, event registration, ticketing, ecommerce and website development serviced through its cloud based platform, IMG Sports Technology Group is the forerunner in holistic business data management.

Responsible for over 6.5 million member records with clients in 10 countries, IMG Sports Technology Group currently partners with over 46 National Sporting Organisations including the AFL, NRL, Athletics Australia, Hockey New Zealand, British Basketball League, Cycling Australia, World Bowls, thousands of grassroots clubs and a growing portfolio of local and international events including the Color Run, London Triathlon, Barcelona Triathlon, Sydney Running Festival and Melbourne Marathon.

As industry leaders, IMG Sports Technology Group has arrived at where it is today because of the company's long history working with sporting organisations and understanding what drives membership growth.

As a group we work with the leading sporting federations, clubs and organisations around the globe to assist in the growth of their sport. Outside of the technology, we also provide sport expertise in leveraging primary assets – administration and membership, digital and media rights, sponsorship, brand positioning, social media and marketing. Increasingly, this influence involves a coordinated approach across a range of mediums to maximise exposure, revenue and impact.

Member Desq

Manage your membership subscriptions with a simple to use online system Event Desq
Control your event registration from opening day through to the event
Shop Desq Create an online shop to sell
your products 24 hours a day
Ticket Desq Sell tickets for functions, competitions,
meets or events online

Auction Desq

Create an online site to
auction tickets and signed memorabilia
Sports Desq Competition Management; update
fixtures, results and ladders online

Site Desq

Have a website built with seamless
functionality and modular integration

Service Desq

Managed solutions and services to assist in the management of your campaigns

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